S T R E A M 

I grew up 30 miles southeast of the Northern Sea - still today, from all places in nature, the open sea is where I like to be most - it reminds me of eternity, eternal change, of travelling to new places - but it also creates the great sense of "homecoming" for me and ultimate, restful peace. All of this is present when I listen and play music, too. To come closer to this "inner sea", I became a musician.  

Over the years I have aimed to compose and play music, which enters on these qualities and brings out my inner sea of rhythms, sounds and melodies from the different musical cultures I experienced over the 30 years of playing the saxophone. In my Ensemble STREAM the spontaneous flow of listening to each other - between us as players and with the audience - can sometimes create a thundering river, a quiet, deep lake, a tumultuous ocean or a refreshing spring - or all of it at the same time from this inner sea of music! I believe all human beings possess this inner place, which resonates from experiences of the outer world and music can be a healing force in helping us to reconnect to this inner sea and find wholeness while living in a fragmented world.

STREAM is a modular Ensemble consisting of a Trio with Arne Jansen (Guitar) and Sebastian Merk (Drums, Synth) and features musical guests for different compositions and concerts.

Sebastian Merk - Drums, Synth                                              ///                              Arne Jansen - Gitarre

Sebastian Merk - Drums, Synth /// Arne Jansen - Gitarre